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Holistic Health Coaching

A Mindful Me 28-Day Jumpstart

A Mindful Me 28-Day Jumpstart

With the guidance and support from Beth and her A Mindful Me 28-Day Jumpstart, you can finally build your own personal foundation for healthy eating habits.


We all have habits. The question is, are they primarily good habits or are we plaguing ourselves with bad ones that keep us from establishing and reaching the health goals we desire? The keys are to tune into the messages your body sends you and address your habits. With this strong foundation, you will have the tools necessary to eliminate the guessing, build confidence and create structure. What that means for you is no more running to gimmicky “diets”, “healthy” frozen meals and the running around in circles trying to figure out what to try next. With this program, YOU will be back in the driver seat so that you are in control of what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat. It will be delicious and you’re going to feel great in your own skin!


This program consists of 4 Phone or Skype Sessions with Beth

45 minutes each, weekly

The focus of these 4 sessions will be YOU & these themes:

The “how’s” of eating well, and making that process fall in line with what you enjoy and what your body needs in order to thrive

Setting goals & desirable outcomes

Accountability from Beth and how to find accountability within yourself and from those around you

Identifying what is making you feel “stuck” and how to overcome those challenges

Honoring hunger & fullness

High energy foods that fuel your unique body

Recap all the work done so far & determining the next steps for keeping your momentum headed in a loving and strengthening direction


Are you ready to Jumpstart the healthy lifestyle you desire?

Investment in this program and yourself is $697

Payment Plan Option & Pay In Full Discount Available

Pay in Full: $600 ($97 Discount!)

Payment Plan: 2 Installments of $348.50


Please call or email us to schedule a time for you to connect with Beth so that you can explore this program and get on your way to a healthier you! 


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"As a Holistic Health Coach, my job goes far beyond giving advice. I provide support, accountability and the tools needed to make long lasting change in the lives of my clients."