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Grateful Plate

  • About Grateful Plate


About Grateful Plate

We created Grateful Plate because we know first hand how difficult it is to live and eat well while juggling all aspects of a busy life.  Our mission is to share our skills, knowledge, and love for health supportive foods and cooking methods while providing encouragement and support for living in alignment with your health goals and desires.


Through our gourmet, health-supportive Meal Delivery, Catering & Cooking Classes, Grateful Plate delivers convenience, nourishment and long-lasting results for our clients. We are incredibly grateful to serve our community and help create a healthier, happier Philadelphia through our cooking and coaching.


How did our name, "Grateful Plate" come to be?


As we were working on a branding exercise to develop our new website, we brainstormed by throwing a bunch of words, concepts, and ideas onto a dry erase board. This process included discussions that lead to a few keywords to be added to the board. A few key words and ideas stuck out more than the rest, and they were Grateful and Plate. Grateful, because each night as we (Mike & Beth) sit down to enjoy dinner at home, we share what we are Grateful for that day. In other words... we share our Grateful Plate because in Beth's experience working with her Personal Chef and Holistic Health Coaching clients, one underlying theme was common, which was that her clients had full plates, leaving little time to cook and as a result, eat healthfully. The two key words stood out to both Beth and it felt perfect! One of our missions is to help take the stress of eating well off of our client's plates so that they can add more gratitude to it. There is often the question that pops up about whether or not Grateful Plate is a reference to the Grateful Dead. While we are Dead Heads and were raised by Dead Heads, that's not why we chose our name. In fact, we thought long and hard about whether it would distract from the true meaning behind our name, and in the end, decided that The Dead don't get to keep Grateful all to themselves!


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Beth Says

“I love food – the tastes, smells, shopping, cooking, creating, and of course, eating! I am a Professional Holistic Health Coach and a Natural Foods Chef who wants to share my knowledge and passion for food with you through coaching, meal delivery and personal chef services.”

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