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Grateful Plate

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Grateful Plate Meal Delivery Is Now Home Appétit!

We Are Grateful.

In 2014, the team of Beth and Mike Strauss created Grateful Plate with the dream of helping their neighbors in and around Philadelphia enjoy healthier, more delicious and convenient lives. Several years and two pregnancies later, as Bob Dylan says... times they are a changin'. 


Grateful Plate Meal Delivery is now Home Appétit Meal Delivery. Also based locally here in Philadelphia, Home Appétit offers delicious, nutritious, convenient, fully prepared meals, delivered right to your door. With a focus on fresh, local, high quality ingredients, Home Appétit stands atop the Meal Delivery landscape in Philadelphia and the surroudnign suburbs. Click the button below to learn more about how Home Appétit can help you achieve a simpler and more flavorful quality of life.


For the summer of 2019, Chef Beth, Mike and Grateful Plate will be taking a haitus from it's work as caterers, personal chefs and food educators. In time, Chef Beth expects to return to the kitchen to love what she does best, and that's helping all types of eaters enjoy food that makes them feel good. Cheers & Chew Well!