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About Beth


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My love affair with food began at an early age. Everyone cooked or baked in our family. One of my earliest memories is my Grandma sharing the secret ingredient in her recipes – LOVE! She even had a shaker of LOVE that she kept on the stove. I was aware early on that ‘good’ food warmed the heart and soul.


I was raised in a meat and potatoes household and intuitively questioned my diet at the tender age of twelve. In my quest for an alternative diet, I discovered healthy foods that I genuinely liked. My teen years found me cooking and feeding lots of friends and family. This experience gave me with a sense of good personal health, positive social interaction and the understanding of how food and health has a direct and incredibly important correlation with living a healthy and happy life. Good fortune provided the opportunity for me to co-teach and co-plan a vegetarian cooking class for fellow students while in high school. This experience truly inspired my decision to pursue a career in health-supportive culinary arts.


Fast forward to present day, as a Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunities to pursue my passion for food and now to make a difference in the lives of our clients. By providing meals that nourish and alleviate the stress associated with trying to eat well or coaching a client and helping them create a strong, healthy foundation for themselves, I am able to share the skills and knowledge I've gained over the years to improve the lives of others.


For that, I am incredibly grateful. 




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Beth Says

“I love food – the tastes, smells, shopping, cooking, creating, and of course, eating! I am a Professional Holistic Health Coach and a Natural Foods Chef who wants to share my knowledge and passion for food with you through coaching, meal delivery and personal chef services.”

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