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Grateful Plate

  • chicken & waffles
In-Home Personal Chef

Customized Pricing

In-Home Personal Chef Pricing


Grateful Plate Personal Chef Services are completely customized to fit your specific needs and desires and each situation is unique. That means that in order for us to provide you with a price quote, we first need to connect and discuss what exactly we can provide for you and your household. Please call or email us with any questions, and so that we can connect and explore your options. 


Looking for the "personal chef" touch without a chef in your home (and more economic)? Allow our team of highly trained chefs to cook for you in our commissary and deliver to your home. Our fully prepared, healthy meal delivery will help you achieve the same goals.



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"One of my favorite things to do is feed people. It's so much more than just eating. It's about nourishing, energizing and enjoying all of the wonderful flavors of food."