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Grateful Plate

  • chicken & waffles
In-Home Personal Chef

How It Works

Grateful Plate In-Home Personal Chef Services provide a customized food experience specifically crafted for your tastes, food allergies, sensitivities and dietary needs so that you and your family are well fed, nourished and satisfied without having to lift a finger.


  • Menus are customized and tailored to your food preferences & dietary goals. We take all the thought & work of menu planning off your plate


  • All grocery shopping is handled for you. Only high quality & health supportive ingredients are used to prepare your meals


  • Meals are prepared in your kitchen, leaving your refrigerator stocked with home cooked, delicious, healthy meals


  • Reheating instructions for each meal are provided so that there’s no guessing about how to enjoy your meals at the perfect temperature without drying out or over cooking your food




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"One of my favorite things to do is feed people. It's so much more than just eating. It's about nourishing, energizing and enjoying all of the wonderful flavors of food."