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August 2nd, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Meal Delivery Menu for August 7th, 2017

  • Fudgey Vegan Brownies


We are in peak growing season here in Philadelphia and new produce is popping up every day! Next week's menu is jam-packed with summery fan favorites that will keep you fueled up throughout your week. For those of you who have not yet ordered through our new web-based platform, we welcome you to visit our updated Ordering Instructions page to read about our new online ordering system and how this changes the ordering process. Of course, we are here to help so if you have any issues, simply reply to this email with your questions, or give us a call at 215-983-4257

While the summer time is not necessarily "Soup Season", there's nothing quite like a chilled, refreshing soup to help us cool off during these dog days. The heat has inspired us to dish up Chilled Chili Lime Cantaloupe Soup, which features local cantaloupes from Common Market. We will be offering this delightful soup by the pint for $8.50 each and it has just a kiss of spice, with a spice level of 4 out of 10.

If you like a good crust, we have two options for you this week that are both are classic Grateful Plate dishes: Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Tomato Sauce as well as our Pistachio Crusted Salmon. If you're in the mood for bold, savory flavors, we suggest trying our Nutty Tempeh Taco Bowl as well as the Mojo Pork with Black Beans. These are all tried and true fan favorites and if you've yet to order any of them before, this week is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about! 

Last and certainly not least, we have a true treat for you next week... FUDGY VEGAN BROWNIES! We are excited to offer a sweet, indulgent treat that you can feel good about eating, even if you don't believe us when we say they are vegan! Made with top shelf ingredients like organic whole wheat flour, organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil, and naturally sweetened with organic coconut sugar and maple syrup, these brownies have all of the flavor and none of the guilt!

REMINDER: Our new order deadline is 9am on Sunday mornings. Please be sure to get your order in on time so that you don't miss out on the action for Monday!

To view the full menu and place your order, please click the button below. Again, if you have any questions with how to get set-up on our new system and place your order for Monday, please give us a shout anytime. We can be reached by simply replying to this email, or give us a call at 215-983-4257.


Cheers and Chew Well!