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Grateful Plate

  • Meal Delivery Set Table
Gourmet and Healthy Meal Delivery

Ordering Instructions

Meal Delivery Ordering Instructions

Step 1)  Sign up for our weekly menu mailing list (scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page) and get excited about the many options you have to feed yourself convenient, high quality, delicious health supportive cuisine any given week!




Step 2)  Place your order by Sunday at 9 pm. Here are some guidelines:

  • Fill out your name, phone number, email address and create a secure password (that you will remember) to Create Your Account. If you have already completed this step, you can enter your email and password to log-in.
  • You will then be prompted to create your first profile within your account. We suggest creating multiple profiles if are ordering for multiple people within your household that have distinctly different dietary needs and preferences. If ordering for multiple people within a household that are fairly similar, one profile should suffice. You will be able to create new profiles and edit existing ones anytime.
  • Please note: the selections you make in your profile(s) will prompt the system to notify you anytime a dish has a conflict with your allergies, dislikes, and preferences. You will have the ability to override conflicts and make changes to dishes as you add items to your cart.


  • Creating your profile: See below for detailed instructions about each section.*


  • Once you have completed a profile, select either "Submit" to continue to this week's menu, OR "Save And Add Another" to create another profile.
  • After moving to Checkout, enter your delivery address, preferred delivery time slot and any notes for our drivers so they know where to find your home or office, where to park if it's tricky, where to leave meals if you're not home, etc.  This will be saved
  • Enter your payment information, along with any discount codes or gift card codes you may have and complete your transaction! Your order will be confirmed automatically AND our team of chefs will review your order carefully to ensure everything aligns with your diet and preferences!
  • Sit back and get excited for your delivery of delicious coming on Tuesday evening!


Step 3)  After you place your order, a confirmation email will be sent. If we have any questions, we will be in touch by 10:00 am on Monday. Get ready for your delivery by making room in your refrigerator.    


Step 4)  On Tuesday evening, your meals will be delivered.  Keep meals in the refrigerator until you're ready to eat them. Meals can also be frozen. Follow the reheating instructions on the label on each container, chew well and enjoy!


Step 5)  Repeat each week and please remember to return the insulated bag and ice bricks.


*Creating your profile includes the following categories:

  • Salt Preference: We are light handed with salt in our kitchen, and the salt we use is a high-quality Celtic sea salt. Certain ingredients such as Soy Sauce (we use Tamari), Miso and Capers, provide salty flavors, and in those cases, we do not season with additional salt. Please only select low or no salt if you are extremely sensitive to salt or have been instructed by your healthcare professional to eat a low or no salt diet. If you generally eat "low salt", our meals are already going to offer that for you without any adjustment necessary!


  • Spice Level: Generally speaking, most of our dishes are flavorful, and not spicy. There are a few exceptions here and there, and we will notate the menu when a dish is spicy. Otherwise, feel free to ask us to make a dish Mild.


  • Diets & Diagnoses: If you have a specific diet or lifestyle that you are following, please check off the appropriate box(es) and we will be sure to factor that information into how we present conflicts on the menu. If you do not see an option that provides a clear picture of your diet or lifestyle, please leave a note in the write-in section below. Our chefs can also give you a call to discuss with you to ensure we know exactly what you need in order to enjoy our service, and help you achieve your health goals.


  • Dislikes: Plain and simple - tell us what ingredients you flat out don't like, for whatever reason. We take this type of information into great consideration as we prepare your meals. If you do not see something you wish to tell us about, you can do so in the notes section below.


  • Allergies: This section is for ingredients that truly make you sick, due to an allergic reaction, and you want us to take every precaution necessary to ensure you do not receive it, directly or indirectly. We take allergies as seriously as possible and take the necessary steps to avoid cross contamination. If you have an allergy and do not see the ingredient listed, please tell us about it in the notes section below.


  • Side Vegetable Dislikes: We pair vegetables with meals based upon what is fresh and available each week. Please indicate which vegetables you would like us NOT to package with your meals.
  • Additional Notes: Please share anything else that you would like us to know about you and your diet. We will be sure to read this section very carefully and will contact you with any questions we have as a result.


  • Request a Call with a Grateful Plate Chef: If your situation is complicated, or you have questions, please click the "I would like to have a chef contact me about my preferences" option and we will get in touch with you within 2 Business Days. This is particularly helpful for both you and our team so that we're all on the same page and able to provide you with the best possible service!


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Beth Says

“Your lifestyle influences how and what you eat, and how and what you eat influences your lifestyle.”