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Grateful Plate

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Healthy Meal Delivery & Catering

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Farm to Personal Chef to Table


Each week, Grateful Plate dishes up nutrient-rich, gourmet meals developed by a personal chef and delivered — ready-to-eat — right to your door, office or private event.


Whether you’re keeping a busy household running and looking for ways to save time without sacrificing quality for convenience, or you are an office manager who wants to provide employees with food to power through their day, or you’re looking for a custom menu for a private event, we have a Meal Delivery or Catering option for you. Additional services include an In-Home Personal Chef, Cooking Classes, and Holistic Health Coach Consultations.


Serving the Greater Philadelphia region, Grateful Plate sources ingredients seasonally, locally and sustainably, using organic produce from local farmers whenever possible, humanely raised meat, poultry and eggs, as well as responsibly farm-raised salmon to minimize over-fishing and ocean pollution. The eggs, meats, fish and dairy in our meals are always free of hormones and antibiotics. Our primary vendors are Primal Supply Meats, Lancaster Farm Fresh, Baldor Specialty Foods and Samuels & Sons Seafood — all local companies, allowing us to work closely with the sources of the ingredients we use to ensure the highest quality from farm to our kitchen in Manayunk to your dinner table.


Eating well doesn’t have to involve prepping, planning, cooking and cleaning. Let us remove those stressors from your plate and fill it up with gratitude instead. 


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What Our Meal Delivery & Catering Clients Are Saying
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Meal Delivery Client

"I'm so happy to have found Grateful Plate. The service, food, and convenience are all wonderful. The variety is very good and it's so much easier than the boxed meal kit services."

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Meal Delivery Client

"This amazing chef service prepares delicious food. A well-credentialed chef will talk to you about your special dietary needs and preferences so as to tailor the meals. I love their passion for fine, fine ingredients and helping you to follow your specific diet."

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Meal Delivery Client

"Highly recommend! Delicious food, great menu and sizable portions. Great customer service and delivery too!"