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Grateful Plate

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Gifting Grateful Plate

Gifting Grateful Plate

Give the Gift of Grateful Plate

Allow us to provide a wonderful, customized gift on your behalf to celebrate a special occasion or to help a friend or family member in a time of need. We will work with your desires and budget to craft a gift that reflects you and your love for the recipient. 


Gifting Meal Delivery:

If you have received the gift of Grateful Plate Meal Delivery and have yet to redeem it, please contact us to learn how you can redeem the value of your gift. 


Gifting Personal Chef:

When you'd rather bring the meal or party to you, instead of going out, Grateful Plate Personal Chefs are here to make it happen. Whether you would like a private dinner party with a customized menu just for you and your loved one, or you would like to have an in-home cooking class with a bunch of friends or family, we can create an incredible experience that won't soon be forgotten. If experience gifts are a big hit with your favorite people, this is the perfect option for you!

Gifting Health Coaching & Food Education:

If you know someone who could use some help and support from a Holistic Health Coach, and/or would love to learn how to cook and expand their culinary repertoire, this is a great gift to give. Our Holistic Health Coaching services are for those who are committed to making positive, productive changes in their lives. And our Food Education services can be as basic or advanced as the recipient would like. We teach practical, life-changing elements of cooking that will most benefit the individual. We love this work because of the positive long-term changes in behavior that result in healthier and happier lives. 


Give us a shout and we can help you create a gift that your family or friend will love!


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"Chew Well. It's simple. Taking the time to chew food is such a powerful thing. It aids in digestion. It can be relaxing. And chewing helps to be present while eating. We so often rush and multitask when eating. I encourage taking time to chew and notice how it makes you feel. Chew well!"