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November 5th, 2018Posted by Hilary Young

Why Food Is An Important Part of Corporate Wellness

  • Healthy Food in Corporate Wellness


The popularity of corporate wellness programs has increased enormously over the past decade. In fact, the data shows that 39 percent of private industry employers and 63 percent of government offices have implemented a wellness program in their workplace. Although the motivation initially might be to lower healthcare costs for both employers and employees, the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle go far beyond a bank account.


While many wellness programs might focus on fitness activities, food is an integral component of wellness, especially in the office. In order for a corporate wellness program to truly succeed, businesses need to take a 360° approach to health, which includes healthy food. An investment in healthy catering in the office, is an investment in the future of every employee.


Food For Thought: The Benefits of Healthy Corporate Catering


Bringing healthy food into your office through a corporate catering service should be a high priority for every office wellness program. Here are just a few of the benefits of including healthy catering into your office’s wellness program:


Good Food Is Preventative


In the U.S., an estimated ten percent of the population has diabetes, and heart disease and cancer are the first and second leading cause of death. About 42 percent of newly diagnosed cancers are preventable with lifestyle changes that include a healthier diet, and about half of all people diagnosed with heart disease suffer from diabetes, obesity or poor diet, all of which increase the risk of heart attack. A healthy catering program for the office will help employees keep chronic diseases at bay, and keep your company’s healthcare costs down. At Grateful Plate, we can even customize your corporate catering menu to include vegetarian, vegan, Whole30, Paleo, and gluten-free options for those who need it.


A Healthy Office Lunch Improves Energy & Mood


Eating the right type of foods can actually help to reduce stress in employees. Corporate catering that includes low-fat, high-fiber, carbohydrate-rich meals can satisfy hunger without zapping energy. With this type of healthy approach to food, there is less opportunity for your body to release hormones that typically trigger feelings of stress and more opportunity for productivity.


Healthy Food Provides Opportunities For Learning & Connection


Food bonds us together, bringing people of all backgrounds and interests to the same table for the same reason: to eat. So why not use that time to also help foster more interoffice connections and expand career training opportunities? By using healthy catering to host “lunch and learn” sessions in your office, different departments would have an opportunity to interact and learn from one another while also encouraging healthy eating choices. Inspire conversation, connection and creativity, all with a corporate catering program.


Office Lunch Catering In Philadelphia

If you’re wondering how to get a healthy food program started in your Philadelphia-area office, look no further than Grateful Plate. Our kitchen is based in Manayunk, but we provide office lunch catering in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, so contact us about your office’s specific needs and menu requirements. We can have a healthy catering program up and running in your office in no time!


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