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April 22nd, 2018Posted by Dan Vogel

Q+A with Theresa Shank, Philly’s Dietitian

  • Philly Dietitian


We loved having the opportunity to ask our friend Theresa Shank, Philly's Dietitian a few questions about our gourmet meal delivery service.  Thank you, Theresa, for expressing the importance of nourishing your body with whole, non-processed ingredients.


Q: Do you normally cook for dinner?


A:  I mostly cook for dinner during the week. I purchase produce during the week and on Sundays, I batch cook at least vegetables for the week, if not protein as well. Vegetables are super convenient to cook ahead of time, as they make for a really healthy addition to a salad, omelet, or entree when you have little to no time. I enjoy cooking because it allows me to know exactly what I'm putting into my body.


Q: What has been your experience ordering from Grateful Plate?


A: My experience with ordering Grateful Plate was seamless and enjoyable. Their online ordering system allows for customization down to the herb, and your order comes shipped in an insulated bag right to your door. They only require a minimum of a day to receive your meals for the week: so long as you order by 9am on Sunday, you'll be included in Monday's delivery.


Q: In the weeks you have ordered, how has Grateful Plate helped you?


A: Grateful Plate is extremely convenient because it saved me the time of preparing a meal, which is extremely nice because of my busy schedule, meeting clients. Not only is it convenient, but the meals are healthy too, and I know what it is that I am consuming, which is very important when it comes to healthful eating.


Q: When you have ordered, what meals do you order for?


A: When I've ordered Grateful Plate, I usually consume their meals for dinner at the end of a long day. The dishes are perfectly portioned for a singular meal.


Q: How do our meals fit in with your lifestyle?


A: Grateful Plate meals fit in with my healthy lifestyle because they are made using whole ingredients and no preservatives. My lifestyle keeps me constantly going, so the convenience of already having my dinner ready for me is exceptional.


Q: Do you normally customize your meals to fit your needs?


A:  I enjoy that the Grateful Plate meals include non-processed, complex carbohydrates, which keep me energized for longer and provide a healthy carbohydrate over-refined, simple ones such as white rice and white pasta. This leaves the integrity of the nutrients intact for consumption. 


Q: How does our food philosophy fit in with your career?


A: Grateful Plate's food philosophy aligns with my core beliefs as a dietitian, because I strongly believe in and educate my clients on the importance of nourishing your body with whole, non-processed ingredients and complex carbohydrates that are rationally portioned.


Q: Through your time ordering from Grateful Plate, what has been your favorite dish?


A: I really enjoy all of Grateful Plate's salmon dishes and their roasted sweet potatoes are out of this world.


Q: How do you feel after eating Grateful Plate?


A: After eating Grateful Plate meals, I feel extremely satisfied, energized, and well-nourished, which is exactly what I strive for when I prepare dishes of my own. It's basically like cooking my own meals without any work. 



About Theresa

Theresa Shank, RD LDN, is a Philadelphia based registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications. Theresa provides nutritional counseling to a wide range of individuals with varying needs such as weight loss, disease prevention and management, sports nutrition, women’s health, child/adolescent weight management and food allergies and intolerance.  Learn more at Philly Dietitian here.