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March 22nd, 2018Posted by Dan Vogel

Q+A with Thrive Pilates Owner Hally Bayer

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We had the opportunity to chat with one of our long-time clients, Hally Bayer and hear how Grateful Plate fits in with her lifestyle.  We were very happy to learn that our healthy meal delivery service provides convenience within her busy life and dietary preferences. Read more below.


Q: Do you normally cook for dinner?


A: I rarely cook dinner. I don't enjoy cooking...gasp! I'm so busy with my business (Thrive Pilates) and my family that at the end of the day I long for someone to cook for me so that I can relax.


Q: What has been your experience ordering from Grateful Plate?


A: Ordering from Grateful Plate has always been a seamless experience. Once I see the menu posted, it's hard to resist ordering right away. The online system makes things super easy. I especially appreciate the attention to detail and care taken with food allergies. I've never experienced a blip in the delivery and the food arrives neatly packaged and organized.


Q: In the weeks you have ordered, how has Grateful Plate helped you?


A: I honestly feel comfort during the day knowing that I have Grateful Plate meals in my fridge awaiting me. Grateful Plate not only saves me time cooking, but also time to figure out what groceries to get or what we are having for dinner. Even if I'm not cooking and ordering takeout, I still have to think about what I'm going to order and when I'm going to pick it up and have it delivered. 


Q: When you have ordered, what meals do you order for?


A: I typically order dinners. My latest favorites are the soups. The chicken stock is the best-tasting chicken stock I've had. I've been feeding it to my 4-year-old all winter and he's stayed super healthy despite all the germs flying around this winter.


Q: How do our meals fit in with your lifestyle?


A: I follow a gluten and dairy free diet and Grateful Plate makes it super easy to do that. I love ordering an extra side of veggies-which are so delicious. My whole family is eating more veggies than ever!


Q: Do you have a customer service experience that you would like to share?


A: Beth and Mike are so kind and genuine. I love that I'm ordering from a local business run by people who care about the quality of the food, the service and about me and my family.


Q: How does our food philosophy fit in with your career?


A: Grateful Plate promotes healthy living in a sustainable and convenient manner. I strive to run my business (Thrive Pilates) and live my life with all of these principles in mind. I feel it is my mission to promote healthy living and to inspire health and fitness in others. I want my students to LOVE their health and fitness routine so much they can't wait to come back. I feel this way about my Grateful Plate meals-I love them so much, I can't wait for more!


Q: Through your time ordering from Grateful Plate, what has been your favorite dish?


A: I honestly think the Salmon dishes from Grateful Plate are the best. My latest favorite is the Chickpea Cake.


Q: How do you feel after eating Grateful Plate?


A: After eating Grateful Plate, I feel nourished, satisfied and of course GRATEFUL :)



About Hally

Hally Bayer is the Owner and Director of Thrive Pilates