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November 8th, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Nigel Bradham's and Grateful Plate's Thanksgiving Meal Share

  • Nigel Bradham


On Sunday, November 12th, Grateful Plate is partnering with Nigel Bradham of the Philadelphia Eagles and Northern Children's Services to host a Thanksgiving Meal Share. Grateful Plate will be preparing and delivering fully prepared Thanksgiving Fixins', plus a turkey courtesy of Acme Markets, to six families that Northern Children's Services supports in a variety of ways. These families are all struggling, and at the same time are doing an incredible job trying to bring stability and a bright future to the lives of their children.  


Head Chef and Co-Founder Beth said: "This couldn't align more with who we are and we are thrilled to be partnering with Nigel on this. To have this opportunity to provide nourishing meals and assist in 1 Tackle 4 Change's mission means the world to us." 


Nigel and representatives from Grateful Plate will be making the drop-offs between 3 pm and 6 pm on Sunday, November 12th.


About Nigel's foundation

1 Tackle 4 Change impacts single-parent households and at-risk youth through a variety of programming throughout the year. We focus our efforts in the education, wellness, and the mentorship space.


About Grateful Plate
Grateful Plate offers healthy prepared meal delivery, catering, cooking classes, holistic health coaching and personal chef services to the Philadelphia region. Grateful Plate knows first hand how difficult it is to live and eat well while juggling all aspects of a busy life. The mission is to provide encouragement and support for living in alignment with your health goals and desires. Grateful Plate enjoys serving the community to help create a healthier, happier Philadelphia through their cooking and coaching.