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October 6th, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Jen's October "Challenge"

  • Jen and Drew

Some of us here at Grateful Plate are doing an "October Challenge", where each of us creates and follows a unique structure for living and eating clean this October! Here at GP, we honor each person's unique dietary needs and preferences, and each of us will be posting about our respective "challenge".  We encourage you all to share your stories, ask questions, offer tips about what's worked well for you in the past to get on track AND STAY on track! We hope this inspires you to make the changes you wish to make for yourself, and if there is anything that we can do to help you get there, please let us know!


Jen's Plan:

  • No flour products
  • No sweet treats (even “healthy” desserts are not allowed)
  • No sugar. Limit natural sweeteners
  • Movement/exercise at least 2x a week
  • I am doing this because I have gotten off track with my eating habits. I have a 3-year-old toddler, and I work full time, so my time is very precious. It is so easy to make unhealthy choices simply because they are convenient. Bread, pasta & crackers are a huge cornerstone of my daughter’s diet, and it’s easy to eat the same meals. Now that I am 40, my body does not burn calories like it used to, and eating lots of starchy carbs is increasing my waistline exponentially! I also have a sweet tooth, that sometimes seems like a snowball rolling down a hill! I need a reset and I need to make more mindful choices. I know that if I make small changes, it will make a big difference and I will feel better and look better. Being a health coach, I understand the importance of having support when trying to make dietary changes, so I am grateful to have a spouse and employers who are willing to come along for the ride with me.