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October 4th, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Meal Delivery Menu for Monday, October 9th, 2017

  • lemon red lentil soup


Now that both Autumn and October are upon us, and it's also starting to feel like Fall, we're getting all the warm and fuzzies for the bounty of local produce available to us this time of year. From squashes to greens, apples to figs, broccoli to beets, root vegetables to romanesco and so much more, we are truly fortunate. We would be remiss not to acknowledge everyone that helps bring this amazing produce to our kitchen each week, so that we can use it to craft our fresh, health-supportive meals. We are grateful for the farmers and their dedicated teams who work tirelessly to grow the crops. We are grateful for the hubs and distributors that make high quality, locally sourced and sustainably grown produce more accessible to businesses like ours each week. And we are grateful for nature in all its glory. It really is incredible that there are so many healthy and delicious foods available for us to enjoy, and our goal is to make those foods available to you in a variety of interesting and delicious ways. 

You will find these fall ingredients throughout our menu this week, as well as in the coming months. We encourage you to share with us what you love most about autumn, specifically as it pertains to food, either directly or in the Grateful Community Facebook Group. All are welcome and we would love to connect with you in this online group forum! Share questions that others may have as well. Share ideas and suggestions for clean living. Ask for recommendations from our chefs about cooking, ingredients, whatever's on your mind! Cheers and Chew Well!

Cheers and Chew Well!