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August 14th, 2017Posted by Dan Vogel

Meal Delivery Extended to Malvern, Paoli, Wayne, Berwyn, Radnor, Devon and Strafford

  • Delivery Extended Western Philadelphia Suburbs


If you live along the Rt 30 Corridor beyond I-476, we've got good news for you! Starting this upcoming Monday, we are officially expanding our delivery radius to include all points out to Malvern. We are very excited to be able to reach more folks in the Philadelphia area and we hope to have the opportunity to send lots of delicious, nourishing meals to Paoli, Wayne, Berwyn, Radnor, Devon, Strafford, Malvern and the towns in-between. Unsure if you fall within our expanded area? Enter your zip code HERE and our online ordering system will confirm. If you're not, we will ask for your email and zip code so that we can follow-up with you once we expand even farther from downtown Philly! The more we hear from folks in a particular area, the more we can work on the logistics needed to further expand our delivery radius.
If you know anyone in that area that may be interested, please share this with them as we would love to introduce our health supportive cuisine to them.


REMINDER: we have a referral program and for each new client you recommend, you will each receive a $50 coupon towards your next order. Just let us know who you are referring and we'll take care of the rest.