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August 11th, 2017Posted by Dan Vogel

Grateful Plate Team Mentors at Own Your Awesomeness

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On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Grateful Plate had the pleasure of donating their time by participating at Own Your Awesomeness, a week long camp in Philadelphia promoting the empowerment of high school girls.  Led by strong female mentors and through a variety of skill-building workshops, OYA coaches young women to be more confident and courageous and to activate their infinite potential.  OYA builds a network of women owning their awesomeness.


Four mentors from Grateful Plate, our Chefs Beth, Sara & Drew, along with our catering manager, Melaine, spent the afternoon in the kitchen with 22 eager girls cooking lunch together!  The girls sharpened their knife skills and crafted a beautiful summer salad, accompanied by a homemade personal mason jar salad dressing. They discovered that millet isn’t just for the birds and it is the secret to cooking flavorful tofu!


Chef Beth says: "I started my culinary adventure when I was the same age as these girls.  Learning how to cook brought me independence and confidence in my food choices and within myself.  It is my hope that these girls felt brave to try something new, inspired to repeat these new skills again, and empowered to create healthy beautiful food."

The Grateful Plate team hopes that the remainder of the camp was a success and looks forward to participating in the past. Thanks for having us, Kate and team.