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August 9th, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Meal Delivery Menu for August 14th, 2017

  • Orange Miso Glazed Cod

Here at Grateful Plate, we are super saucy! Yes, that means we like to have a good time and act silly, but it also means that we enjoy fresh and delicious sauces, marinades and glazes that give our dishes a ton of flavor. We love making our sauces from scratch, and this week we are offering up some of our favorites that we'd like to highlight for you here!

Let's start things off with our Seared Buffalo Chicken or Tofu, which is served over Quinoa and topped with Celery, Carrot and Blue Cheese Relish. We rate our Buffalo Sauce as a 5.5 out of 10 on the spicy scale, so if you like some heat, this is a great way to enjoy the delightful tang of Buffalo, with a healthy twist!

Next up is our Tofu Skewers with Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce served over Millet Pilaf with Greens and Zucchini. With Peaches being in season locally, what better time than to give our scratch-made BBQ sauce a hint of sweetness? The bourbon adds a bit of smokiness to the dish, creating a well-rounded flavor profile for this summer delight.

Back for its triumphant return is our Carrot Ketchup, as an accompaniment to our Classic Beef Meatloaf which comes complete with Roasted Garlic and Parsley Red Skin Potatoes. Note: This sauce is made with a host of interesting ingredients that yields a truly unique and interesting flavor profile. Ingredients include Fish Sauce, Worcestershire and Wheat Free Soy Sauce (Tamari).

One last note we're excited to share with you is that we are now offering both a traditional Whole Wheat Pasta (which contains Gluten), as well as the same Whole Grain Gluten Free Pasta that we have used for years. In an effort to make sure the majority of our pasta dishes can be enjoyed by all, you will now see an option when choosing a pasta entree to select the type of pasta you want. The default will be Gluten Free, so that we're playing it safe for those that have gluten allergies and sensitivities. If you'd like the regular whole wheat option, just select that from the drop down and we'll handle the rest.

REMINDER: Our new order deadline is 9am on Sunday mornings. Please be sure to get your order in on time so that you don't miss out on the action for Monday!

To view the full menu and place your order, please click the button below. Again, if you have any questions with how to get set up on our new system and place your order for Monday, please give us a shout anytime. We can be reached by simply replying to this email, or give us a call at 215-983-4257.


Cheers and Chew Well!