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July 19th, 2017Posted by Mike Strauss

Exciting News: Online Ordering is Here!

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We are thrilled to announce that Grateful Plate, after years of keeping it old school, is ready to take a big leap forward and offer online ordering for Weekly Meal Delivery!

In addition to improving our internal processes, we are even more excited about how this will make ordering better for you! Moving forward:

  • Ordering will be more efficient. Your preferences will link up to ingredients and if there is a conflict, you will know in real time before you place the order. This will allow you to omit or substitute ingredients, or choose a new dish altogether.  
  • Payments will be made in real time. No need to worry about paying monthly invoices!
  • Orders will be confirmed instantly, so no more waiting for our team (achem… Mike!) to confirm that you’re all set for your big package of deliciousness to arrive on Monday evening.


So you must be wondering, what happens next? Because we’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years, we have revised our preference form to make it more streamlined. Prior to placing your next order, we kindly ask that you create an account, as well as 1 or more user profiles on our new system. This should only take a couple of minutes. To get started...

  • Click Here (
  • Enter your delivery zip code
  • Name your preference profile
    • Please note: You can create 1 profile for your entire household, or you can create individual profiles for each person. This is particularly helpful when you are ordering for multiple people who have distinctly different dietary needs and preferences.
  • Choose your dislikes, allergies and add any notes you think we should know about, and click next (this information will be saved for your next order)
  • Pick your entrees, salads, breakfasts and sides for the upcoming week (Starting Wednesday, per usual)
  • Add in your delivery address, notes and payment info and you are all set (this information will be saved for future ordering) 


With the change to online ordering comes other key updates in regards to pricing and payment:

  • After years of entree pricing based upon order volume, meals will now be valued based upon the type of dish, which is much like what you would find at any restaurant, with the price of an entree reflecting the cost of ingredients and complexity of preparation.
  • Delivery fees have been reevaluated and adjusted. Some will be higher and some will lower. Please note: Delivery Fees include gratuity, and no tips are expected by our drivers. Everyone who delivers for Grateful Plate is paid a fair hourly wage that is not at all reliant upon gratuity!
  • Rather than monthly invoices, we are now going to collect payment at the time of purchase. We will continue to accept all four major credit cards! We will also soon be offering gift certificates online which will be super easy to order!
  • The new order cutoff will be 9am on Sunday mornings. This is going to be a firm deadline, so be sure to get your orders in on time!

One very important note we’d like to share is that while this new system will automate much of the ordering process, our commitment to offer Personal Chef quality service in the form of Meal Delivery is as strong as ever. We will continue to review each order with a fine tooth comb to ensure accuracy and compatibility with your unique needs and preferences. And - we are still only a phone call or email away should you need anything. Our new ordering system will be another tool to help us best serve you!

Please be sure to send us your feedback and give us a shout if you run into any issues. With anything this new and different, there will no doubt be a bump or two in the road, so please call or email us if you need any help. Please know we are here to lend a hand, even if it means taking your order over the phone or email.

Cheers & Chew Well,
Beth & Mike