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Grateful Plate

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Gourmet and Healthy Meal Delivery

Reviews and Testimonials

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying
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Meal Delivery Client

"Highly recommend! Delicious food, great menu and sizable portions. Great customer service and delivery too!"

  • Broccoli & Cauliflower


Meal Delivery Client

"I'm so happy to have found Grateful Plate. The service, food, and convenience are all wonderful. The variety is very good and it's so much easier than the boxed meal kit services."

  • Soshito Peppers


Meal Delivery Client

"Delicious, healthful food. Reliable, professional delivery. Thoughtful, responsive owners. You will not be disappointed."

Why Our Clients Love Our Healthy Meal Delivery
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Meal Delivery Client

"You and your company have been a life server to me during a very difficult time. Also, you and your team have gone beyond expectations to satisfy my needs. The meals have been prepared with extra care and delicious. I am "Grateful" to have found you. Thank you!"

  • Pomegranate


Meal Delivery Client

"Very accommodating for personal preferences - received a call from the chef to discuss ingredients. Basil pesto chicken and cumin cod were both delicious. Veggie sides were really good too. Received as a gift but hope to order again!"

  • Israeli Salad


Meal Delivery Client

"Delicious meals and great customer service. I agree with the other five star reviews."

More Of What Our Happy Clients Are Saying
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Meal Delivery Client

"This amazing chef service prepares delicious food. A well-credentialed chef will talk to you about your special dietary needs and preferences so as to tailor the meals. I love their passion for fine, fine ingredients and helping you to follow your specific diet."

  • Red Cabbage Braised with Cranberries


Meal Delivery Client

"We've been eating meals from Grateful Plate since they opened their kitchen and we've been VERY, VERY happy with them!!! The quality of the ingredients is impeccable; the food is delicious; every effort is given to insure our food preferences and allergies are considered - and then there's the convenience of delivery! We very, very highly recommend Grateful Plate!"

  • Salmon Lemon and Herb Marinated Salmon with Cherry Tomatoes


Meal Delivery Client

"Amazing customer service. They have many varieties and selections for everyone's preference. Great prices compared to other options or names in the same business. They also have faster delivery compared to others. I've been using Grateful Plate for a while and it's the one source of food that I don't grow tired of. So many choices. Thumbs up."

Clients Love Meal Delivery
  • Herb Crusted Salmon


Meal Delivery Client

"{The} meals I ordered for this week were absolutely delicious and filling. The variety is great for someone who likes to cook but doesn't like eating the same leftovers over and over again. I love that you offer different protein options as I was looking to cut back on the amount of meat I am eating. I was definitely a little leery of the prices going in, but the food is totally restaurant-level and worth it!"

  • lemon red lentil soup


Meal Delivery Client

"What an awesome company! I don't live in Philly, but my best friend does so, when she got sick, I wanted to find a way to support her. I contacted Mike at Grateful Plate, and he got back to me right away. Through phone and email, Mike set it up so that my friend could order meals without worrying about receiving a bill. I felt great, knowing that she was eating healthful, lovingly-prepared meals, and I trusted Mike to effectively and kindly communicate (to either of us) if anything that came up. He made the whole process so easy, and seemed to go above and beyond in helping me support my friend. I can't thank him (and Beth) enough!"

  • Fusilli with Marinated Grilled Chicken


Meal Delivery Client

"Since I was young, I never put very much thought or time into understanding the nutritional value of my food. As I got older and my body matured, I started to see the negative side effects of this mentality… Ever since I moved to Center City Philadelphia and began my partnership with the team at Grateful Plate, Chef Beth and Mike have helped immensely! They’ve helped me to organize my meals and healthier lifestyle, effectively navigate the isles at Whole Foods, separate the good vs. the bad and also provide me with an easy & HEALTHY, meal delivery service that is incredibly delicious and easy. There are definitely multiple ways to make life changes, but there is no denying the fact that sometimes you need a little help. Grateful Plate provided that unparalleled help for me, to get me back on track. I couldn’t give a higher review or a stronger recommendation for anyone looking to try! If you are looking for something GREAT for yourself, this is it! Grateful Plate has transformed my life, THANK YOU BETH AND MIKE!"

Even More Of What Our Happy Clients Are Saying
  • Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding


Meal Delivery Client

"Are you currently using Blue Apron or something similar?? Then you have to check these guys out!! I was referred to them by someone I do business with who knew I was using a meal delivery service. I want heathy meals at home that are not run of the mill and don't cost a fortune. I tried Grateful Plate and am thrilled. They do a remarkable job with the menu, presentation and delivery. The best part- I literally pull it out of my fridge and heat and eat!! The variety is fabulous- vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, gluten free, whatever. They cover all the bases. Seriously - if you want to get back your after work time this summer you have to try them."

  • Chicken Skewers with Lemon and Herbs with Tzatziki Sauce


Meal Delivery Client

"Really cannot say enough about the Grateful Plate team - the level of customization and customer service - and the quality of the food! It's hard to believe how on the ball they are with my personal preferences, often double checking an order based on inconsistencies against my intake form, which is appropriately lengthy and diligent. In other words, they REALLY care about understanding individual needs and preferences. The chef is clearly trained in a range of techniques and cuisines and they do not skimp on volume, quality, special seasonings, bells & whistles, etc. I am genuinely so impressed by this small business!"

  • Lemon and Herbs Chicken Skewers

Alex - Google

Meal Delivery Client

"I used Grateful Plate to send meals to a colleague's family and can't say enough good things about them. I worked with Mike who was professional, extremely responsive and so helpful guiding me through the process since I had never used them before. The process was easy and Mike handled any special request I had. The choices of meals was interesting and different than normal meal delivery services. The family thoroughly enjoyed the food sent to them and raved about how delicious it was. I would not hesitate to use them again and am looking forward to trying them out for myself. I am grateful we found Grateful Plate!"

More Feedback From Clients That LOVE Our Meal Delivery
  • davinah


Meal Delivery Client

"My husband and I were starting Whole 30 and knew from experience with other services (e.g., Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.) that their meals wouldn't be compliant. I found Grateful Plate on Instagram and decided to check them out - their pitch of chef prepared, wholesome food was exactly what we were looking for. The online ordering process was great - alerting me of necessary swaps and ingredients that wouldn't work for my strict diet. The meals arrived promptly during the delivery window I requested. The food was also well portioned (we were full), nicely seasoned, and delicious! Overall, they saved me during one of my busiest weeks. Would definitely recommend for someone who wants to eat good food sans the crap that usually accompanies prepared meals."

  • nicole


Meal Delivery Client

"This meal delivery was a great experience. I did not get ill (I have a number of food allergies) and my family and I LOVED each menu option!It is great to have food, portioned out for you and easily prepared, especially during the busy holiday season. I will not only order again from Grateful Plate, I will be spreading my love and devotion to this team for years to come! Keep up the awesome work Grateful Plate team! The menu is local, seasonal, and organic where possible! Thank you!"

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Meal Delivery Client

"This is the 1st time I've given 5 stars in on-line review. Grateful Plate has exceeded my expectations every time I've gifted someone with their service. Sometimes I see an artist musician or actor who is so good at, and passionate about what they do that I think to myself, "this person has found his or her calling". Well, I think Beth, and Mike and their team at Grateful Plate have found their calling. They provide more than a service they provide a full experience, everything from their customer service, to the meal presentation and food quality all the way through to the delivery - the complete package. Excellence!!!"

More LOVE For Our Healthy Meal Delivery
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Meal Delivery Client

"Thank you Grateful Plate team!!! We appreciate you beyond measure! You nourish us as a family, including our two small children, whom you’ve exposed to a wide range of delicious flavors and healthy ingredients! You’ve also allowed us to spend precious movements together as a family that would have otherwise been spent preparing dinner! It’s been a true blessing and we are sincerely grateful! Thank you!"

  • katierd


Meal Delivery Client

"I am happy to report that I thought the meals were fantastic. I had the cod on Monday night, and there was such an abundance of veggies that I was actually able to make it last for 2 meals, and have the other portion for lunch the next day. I had the salmon for lunch yesterday, and had every intention of it also lasting an extra meal, but it was so delicious that an hour later I had the second helping! I purposefully ordered fish entrees, because I find they can be the hardest with meal delivery services, to get high quality, good texture and flavor without that dreaded fishy smell. Living in South Philly, and having a small living space, it can be hard to cook fish because the smell takes over the whole house. This was not the case with your seafood entrees, I throughly enjoyed and could see myself ordering them, and certainly recommending it to my clients. As a dietitian, one of my main food philosophies is helping clients realize what to eat more of, as I find most people come in to a dietitian, worried they are going to have to stop eating all of there favorite foods...I like to discuss the term "crowding out your plate" with unlimited veggies, and proteins first - than there is naturally less room for the less beneficial stuff (but still room). Opening the purple bag, and glancing inside, I felt like we were on the same page, with the abundance of veggies. The Brussel sprout side dish was a great addition to the two entrees as well."

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Beth Says

“Your lifestyle influences how and what you eat, and how and what you eat influences your lifestyle.”