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Grateful Plate

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Gourmet and Healthy Meal Delivery


Meal Delivery Pricing


Here at Grateful Plate, we provide fully prepared, health-supportive meals that are ready to reheat and enjoy all week long.  We believe in using the freshest and highest quality ingredients and do so by sourcing from local, sustainable and organic farmers and purveyors whenever possible. We also believe in compensating our talented and dedicated staff fairly, and in general, doing business in an honest way that is both for profit and for good.  Our pricing reflects these principles of quality and integrity, as well as our pursuit of providing the Philadelphia Region with the most convenient, nutritious and satisfying service possible.



Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes: $18 - $22

Poultry: $20 - $25

Meat (beef, pork,  lamb, etc…): $22 - $32

Seafood: $24 - $32


Breakfast, Lunch, Salads, Snacks, Desserts & Extras:

Homemade Soup: $10 - $14 per Quart (available in cooler months)

Loaded Green Salads: $13 per Serving  + $3 per Topping

Specialty Salads: $10 - $14 per Pint

Additional Sides of Grains from the Menu: $9 per Pint

Additional Sides of Chef Beth's Choice Veggies: $9 per Pint


*  A Note About Entree Portions:  Entrees are well-balanced meals, and typically include 4 to 8 ounces of protein, ½ to ¾ cup of whole grains or starchy vegetables, and a full cup of fresh vegetables. While many adults and hungry teenagers can finish a full entree and feel satisfied but not stuffed, others may be able to feel full and satisfied with less than a full serving. We are happy to adjust meal composition and portioning to fit your dietary needs. 

** Pricing is subject to change and varies on a weekly basis.


Delivery Fee:

Each Zip Code that we deliver to has a Fee based upon the distance from our commissary in Manayunk and proximity to other frequently delivered to areas. The delivery fee will be confirmed at checkout.

* Delivery Fees are subject to change and vary on a weekly basis.


Sales Tax:

State & City Combined Sales Tax (8%) applies to All Food and Delivery Fee


If you have any questions about pricing prior to placing your first order, please give us as a shout. We are happy to give you a quote based upon what you would like to order!  


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Beth Says

“Your lifestyle influences how and what you eat, and how and what you eat influences your lifestyle.”