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International Class of Pancakes: Celebrating National Pancake Day
Wednesday, September 26th - 7:00PM
@ COOK 253 S 20th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Fun fact: September 26 is National Pancake Day. We’re always up for a celebration, and this holiday is no exception. Chefs Beth and Sara return to COOK this September for an evening devoted to pancakes, in all its international forms. Enjoy a four-course vegetarian meal of scallion pancake with chili soy dipping sauce and carrot ginger slaw; harvest vegetable savory Dutch baby with smoked paprika maple drizzle; dosa with tofu samosa filling and sweet tamarind chutney; and carrot crêpe cake with cream cheese whip and candied spiced walnuts. Recipes will be provided. Due to the nature of this class, gluten-free and dairy-free dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated.

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Beth Says

"I love to share my skills and knowledge around cooking in a live setting. Food is my passion, and I feel so grateful to be able to share this passion with the world"