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Beth's Training



After High School, my formal education began at The Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) in New York City, the leader in health-supportive culinary arts and theory. NGI  on healing an​d nourishment through​ health supportive natural foods. This has been am able to apply this knowledge as both a Chef and a Holostic Health Coach. creating nutritionally balanced menus to support clients’ special dietary needs, including food allergies and chronic disease. Graduation from NGI was followed with the establishment of her Natural Foods Personal Chef business,“Naturally Beth”.   With the success of this business, she was encouraged to continue her education earning an Associates Degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management at Montgomery County Community College.  This experience further strengthened her understanding of the culinary industry, widening her perspective on industry trends and becoming fluent in food safety.


Opportunity found Beth as she was recruited to assist in the start-up of Max & David’s Kosher Restaurant in Elkins Park, PA.  Her role as Catering Manager and General Manager provided her five years of exceptional restaurant business know-how.  



​Feeling ready to move on to follow her passion for healing foods and nutrition. Beth left her restaurant job and 

enrolled at the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  After an intensive year of studying over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovating coaching methods, Beth earned her Holistic Coach Certification.


Currently Beth is studying the Transformational Coaching Method, a revolutionary  training to enhance coaching practice as well as personal growth.  This method focuses on the art and science of transformation and neuro-linguistic programming.  

​**MIKE- Can you think of a sencecnt explaining what neuro-linguistic means?  "  Connecting beliefs and desires? "


October, 2015 will begin Beth’s  official journey  toward certification as a Macrobiotic Counselor.  She will have the good fortune to study with David Brisco of Macrobiotic America.   During this program Beth will examine the foundation of macrobiotic principals, anatomy, physiology, facial diagnosis, and food energetics.

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Beth Says

“I love food – the tastes, smells, shopping, cooking, creating, and of course, eating! I am a Professional Holistic Health Coach and a Natural Foods Chef who wants to share my knowledge and passion for food with you through coaching, meal delivery and personal chef services.”